Simple Features that Make Restaurant Management Software Click

03/08/2017 14:00

The use of restaurant management software is a very crucial aspect in running an established restaurant facility. Indeed if you want the best restaurant management software you should also keep in mind to choose the most relevant option for your business needs. In the years that I have worked with such software I have come to understand that the best software would have these features in place.


First it would have a menu update feature. You can’t run a restaurant without this option. From time to time you will require fitting in your new dishes. Without the ability to delete, change, or add your recipes your restaurant software would simply be redundant. Therefore it is important to look for such a feature above the rest.


Another feature that you should go for is one that allows you to customize of simply tailor make your fees. Charges will include cocktails, cuisines, salads, and many more. A customized fee system will allow easy control of tips, sales, and accounts. This feature greatly improves the whole services for all staff and customers.

However, that’s not all there is to this. Over time I have come to realize that the ability to delete or decrease an order is more relevant than many other features that any restaurant management software can provide. This is because a mistake with no possible rectification can be more dangerous to the whole setup than others.


Nonetheless you should have the contact database for your customers. Customer database is a great feature that will automatically do this. It even makes the whole process better as it classifies your customers in the best setups possible including age, occupation, and location among other necessary data that we have.


Some applications also have the specific directions for a take away order. This is great for restaurants that also provide outside catering such as the delivery of pizza. In case you want your job to become easy such a set up would be a viable addition to your restaurant management software application and other cloud options.

While all these can be regarded as some of the best applications to have one additional application that can prove worthwhile is a software system that provides automatic VAT calculations. What this means is that you don’t have to run rigorous manual setups to get all the variables – such a life saver. 

Fastest Finger Printing Services

16/06/2017 13:56

Along with Los Angeles, California inside the Historic Oviatt Building on Olive St., Mr. Fingerprints has the fastest fingerprint scan service. This company is approved by Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBI. This company uses the state-of-the-art equipment to capture and process live scan fingerprints in a quick and less effort and best convenient manner. They are committed to providing you the best services with an excellent experience to all of the customers.


Fingerprints Scans Services


Mr. Fingerprints has the fastest fingerprint scan service. They will serve you Fingerprint service in just 5 minutes, first thing is to book an appointment or you could just walk in their office. Secondly, bring the live scan form and an unexpired ID, the live scan form is usually provided by the agency or you may print the form for live scan form from their site. And lastly, you could just step it in over to start the process of fingerprinting.



FBI Background Checks Services


At Mr. Fingerprints, they offer the fastest service of delivering your FBI report online. The common search results can be delivered after just a few hours, not even days or weeks. You can surely review the result upon a complete logging in of your account with their Advanced Authentication protocol. Your result can be used for: requirements for traveling a foreign country, living and also for job applications. You may be able to use the result for a court relevant purposes and adopting a child because some of the states require these kinds of documents. And lastly, sending criminal background check Los Angeles to the attorney for accurate legal presentations.


FREE 24-Hour Mobile Services


Services like this will be the best and convenient way if you are in a hurry and you have no time to step into their office by just calling them on their phone number. 213.761.5883. Instead of going to their office they can go to you along with their mobile services. As they say “come to us or we’ll come to you”.

By stopping at their office you will be provided with the services you need with the fastest and friendliest experience ever.


Within 10 years of experience, this company has already added many services that they could offer to you from free 24 hour mobile service, live scan fingerprints, FBI background checks Los Angeles, notary services, apostilles, passport photos, to English and Spanish translation services.    

Why Use CSV for WooCommerce?

19/05/2017 13:32

Today, more and more people have migrated their physical stores to the web. The decision to the switch move is advantageous for so many reasons. First, online stores do not need physical establishments. Just sell your products online and store them in your house. You don’t have to rent a space in some building. You can save on monthly rental, maintenance, etc. Second, since all the transactions are on the web, you can run your store at home. You can run it while watching TV or even in your pajamas. Everything becomes easier and convenient.


Now, engaging in e-commerce can just be your shining glory if you know how to do it right. However, if you don’t then, you may find yourself a bit on a pinch. One of the things that you must be aware of e-commerce is how to upload all the necessary information about your products or product feeds. Here comes the tricky part. There are a lot of e-commerce platforms that you can integrate into your site. If you are using WordPress, WooCommerce is a great plug-in to add.



Woocommerce can work on both CSV (Comma Separated Values) and XML (Extensible Markup Language). Both file formats are great. However, for a startup store, a CSV format would work best.

When can You Use CSV feeds?

CSV product feeds work best when data is in a flat table format or a tabular structure. You can use it when your feed is large, and you need to transfer databases between programs. This format is also applicable when you wish to import your product data from an office application like Excel or export your web data into the office application.


If you just want a simple format for your woocommerce product feeds, CSV will work just fine, especially if you have no clue about complicated codes or whatsoever.

Benefits of a CSV Feed

There are a lot of benefits into using a woocommerce csv product feed. Here are the top three:

Simple. One of the greatest advantages of CSV is that it is simple. You don’t need mastery of codes, etc. and with platforms like woocommerce, it makes it even easier.


Compatible. CSV is accepted by almost all known applications and platforms so when you decide to migrate your data, it will just be a breeze. It is also the standard format, so generating data will also be easy.


Compact. CSV is small and light. So, you don’t have to worry about disk space limits. Plus, with its small size, uploading and downloading is faster. Whether you want to import or export your files to app or program you want, you can do so with fewer worries.

Corporate Event Planner Los Angeles: Choosing the Best Venue for Your Corporate Event

12/02/2017 15:48

Your company has an event on the line. What must you do to make the event successful? Running a corporate event is no easy task. You need to plan before hand and have everything prepared before the event kicks off. One of the things that you have to really look is the best venue for your event. We talked to an expert corporate event planner in Los Angeles and here are some of the tips we learnt that every event should keep in mind when choosing a great venue. 

Have the Budget in Mind

What you intend to spend is very vital. Knowing how much you need for your event visa vie what you budget allocates will allow you to choose a budget friendly venue. Ideally the real reason behind this is to prevent overspending. If you spend so much on one side of your event it might eat into other vital sections including catering, entertainment, and hiring expert speakers. Know what you have and look for your venue while having it in mind.

Know the Number Invited

Whichever the case you should have a rough idea of how many people you will be expecting. This should be done by figuring out the number of invites you have floated or knowing the type of event you are organizing. A public awareness event will mean large crowds. You will need a public facility such as a sports auditorium for such. Simple events such as a meeting with the company’s stake holder could mean looking for a sizable hall to use.

Get an Ideal Location

For a public event expert corporate event planner in Los Angeles advises ever event planner to look at the proximity of the venue. How close is the venue to your expected target audience? In addition to that security is another area that is stressed upon. A secure location will encourage many people to turn up for your event. The venue should also be easily accessible (look for a venue with easy direction, accessible roads, and enough parking).

Know the Event Type

Is this meet the customer’s event? Are you launching a new product? Are you meeting the stakeholders for an end year party? Certain types of events will need specific services and locations. An end year party will need enough catering services and possibly a beverage stand. Knowing the type of event will help you in finding a venue with the most ideal services or amenities. Always choose a venue that’s flexible to all type of events.

Master the Ambiance

A great event should have a great ambiance in the intended location. Our expert planners suggest that you find a venue that underscores the mood and the intention of your event. Corporate events are meant to highlight the brand, leave a memorable mark on the audience, and add the company many customers. Keep a master class ambiance for your corporate event. Use ideal lighting, decoration, promotional banners, and possibly branded tents.

You can also consider an area with the right social amenities. In case you need to hire chairs, find catering services, or hire sound for your event, getting a venue that have all these in plan will save you energy and money.

Smart Things Drone Pilots Must Know Before the Shoot

09/10/2016 13:13

Drone photography is getting embraced by day. From weddings, filming industries, down to agricultural projects the use of drone grows day by day. But while many of us are focusing on flying drones alone, there are a number of things many drone pilots need to know before they book for a shoot. Here are some of them.

Have they Practiced So Well?

In order to get the perfect shots you need to understand your drone. Get enough time to practice with your drone. Master the controls. Know how the GPS system works. Master the auto pilot if you have one. Know how long your battery lasts and also master how to take the best angle shots and how to focus your camera.

Will the Weather favor them?

A perfect weather means a perfect shot. Windy or rainy weather will give so much camera shake. This will lead to image distortions. Calm weather especially during sunset and sun rise are the perfect time. Choose a suitable weather that gives you the coolest shot without a sweat. Watch weather forecast to understand the type of weather to expect and prepare for it accordingly.

Is their Budget Really Enough?

Budgeting is one of the pre shoot out tips that’s very important. And in case you are involved in commercial film production this is extremely important. You must know how much you need to transport your crew to the shooting location, how many drones you need to cover runs that move at the same time, and above all how much you need to book your shooting location.

Have they Got a Massage Give?

The main reason people shoot films and photos with drones is to have a great final product that passes an awesome message to their audience. In commercial film production this is essentially important as you will be selling a product to your audience. Knowing the information you want to pass is important. It is the main guider to how you want to shoot and what you want to shoot.

Do they Know their Audience?

Because I have talked about the message let me talk about the audience too. Your message is defined by an audience and prepared for their consumption. Know your audience. Know where and how to find them. Know their age, locations, lifestyle, average income, and their taste and preferences.

Do they Know How to Edit?

Editing is simply a post shoot out skill. However you must have learnt it before the shoot if you want the best out of your film or photos. Editing allows you to tailor your final product in such a way that your audience would love it and could be willing to share in it.  Learn your editing skills from experts or by enrolling in certified institutions.

Without proper preparations you drone experience could easily turn into a disaster. Here is my advice for you. Take your time to learn every tip that you are going to use and above all understand your drone perfectly. 

Tulga Demir

20/09/2016 16:13

Over 1000 of oil companies in the US today are seeking how to improve their mining options. This is due to the far reaching outcry by the national government that oil and gas companies should seek the very best options on how to conserve the environment and make their sources of energy highly sustainable.

One company that has done this so well is the Demir Energy LLC. Demir Energy LLC is located in the Greater Nashville Area of Louisville, Kentucky. The company is an oil and gas exploration company that until now has resorted to sensitizing millions of people on why they should use renewable sources of energy.

Some of the best sources that they have articulated for include the use of solar, wind, and geothermal sources of energy. Today the company has integrated new explorations to safe energy options and has become highly synonymous with renewable energy.

Check out the following link to see how best renewable energy helps.


Buying Appliances Online: Simple Steps to Buying the Perfect Fit

22/05/2016 11:29

Buying home appliances is fun, period! It comes with so many merits. You can research the type of appliance comfortably at a sitting, you could compare the rating of different appliances, and it is the easiest way to get new deals, consumer’s opinions and reviews, and pay easily and safely. If you ever want to buy an appliance online, here is what you should do.



Get exact measurements of the space you want your appliance to sit on. Take a tape measure and use it to get the dimensions (height, width, and length). Put the measurements down. They’ll help you to browse the net and get the right sized appliance whether washers, stoves, best side by side fridge freezer, or an oven. Webs often give the exact measurements of featured products.


Next, put down the most desirable features that you’d want your appliance to have. The features should depend on your lifestyle and needs. If you want washer with side load or top load options put it down. If it’s a fridge with freezer at the top or bottom also note it down. These will help to make the search precise as you can enter them in the search boxes on every site you visit.


Get down to the websites and begin your search. But browse appliances that feature consumer’s reviews only. Browsing for appliances that have star ratings or reviews will take you close to a firsthand experience about the negative and positive experiences that other people have had. Use product ratings to sort out appliances and avoid features. Consumer reviews are powerful.


Again you can try searching for your favorite appliance brand. Certain brands top in certain areas of appliances. But one brand can’t be the best in everything. All the same certain guys love some brands to death. Whichever your brand is search for it over the internet to reveal the top electrical appliances online shops that sell that brand. Enter “brand name”+ “top load washer” for washers.


Compare the prices of your best products with a number in some other sites that sell the same home appliances that you need. This will help you to find the most budget friendly site to buy from. Working within your budget will be pretty cool as it will prevent you from any forms of impulse. Remember pricing/ cost should include shipping, delivery, and installation if any.


With your best prices determined, now you can review and understand the buying policies of the best sites that you have narrowed on. Check out for most convenient payments means and look out for important buying policies such as warranty, refund policies, exchange policy, and returns among other things. Check out the FAQs page to find out this information.


Typically you will buy from a website that offers you the best pricing. With these steps you will get the best prices plus the best home appliances. 

Do You Need A Website For Your Marijuana Dispensary

21/05/2016 16:28

Yes, you need a website for your marijuana dispensary business. In this period in time there are no businesses that can survive without an ultimate web presence. Many consumers own pretty cool browsing gadgets including desktops and phones where they turn to every time they want to find products easily. There isn’t any doubt that a website can be a powerful tool. Here are main reasons why.

Website will create an ideal presence. No one knows about your marijuana dispensary except for you and you new employees. So where can potential clients learn more about your business? Get a highly optimized website to establish your business as ongoing and to also communicate the value proposition of your brand and extend your reach to everybody else around the world.

Website allows search engines to list you. A well built website has very awesome Search Engine Optimization techniques incorporated in it. These techniques include high quality content, quick load time, long tail keywords, and well targeted pages. These techniques are what Google and other Search Engines look for to list you when consumers search relevant keywords.

Website leverages the social networks. You can integrate a well optimized website with all your social media networks including Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter handle in order to reach larger audience and maximize on your organic traffic. In fact any links to original and cool topics from your websites will maximize the relevance and give you much more following.

Website helps you learn your customers. Many marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles have used websites to learn client behaviors, tastes, and preferences. Depending on the click through rates (CTR) many dispensaries have been able to collect helpful data in line with customer interests, most preferred strains, and highly bought strains. This has allowed them to categorize their clients efficiently.

Website will also allow for timely blogs. A website is kept fresh and entertaining by posting cool topics on the blog. Blog posts allow for insights on marijuana law amendments, insight tips, and other relevant topics that interest your clients. Because of this you website also gives you best opportunities to interact with your clients and make more sales every single day.

No doubt a website can be extremely helpful for your medical marijuana dispensary business. It will work like a cool marketing tool and will give your maximum presence online. 

5 Expert SEO Tips That Will Give You A Great Website

21/03/2016 04:40

We are in an age that a solid Search Engine Optimization strategy is key to making valuable sales in any industry. In fact research has it that 80% of shoppers always go online before they decide to purchase any product. It has also been found that 50% of potential clients will use all forms of browsers to visit online stores at least once a day. With these statistics there isn’t any doubt to how awesome online presence is for your company. Here are the top 6 expert SEO tips to build a better website for your use.


  1. Use well written page titles. When you make use of unique and concise page titles on your web you will help search engines to easily understand your website and in turn rank it. At the same time you will also make it easy for your website visitors to browse through your site and to easily understand stand each and every one of your website pages. This is one of the easiest ways to get your website user experience on the high.


  1. Don’t forget to include Meta descriptions. Meta descriptions will work magic for your business when fused with mini adverts. In fact they will also form for a fantastic key word sample that a search engine will look for when they intend to rank you. Meta appears on SERPs to help your clients to determine the relevancy of what your clients are looking for and what you are offering.


  1. Include your contact information ASAP. If there is an easy way to build trust and create a lasting identity, it is by including your contact information to your websites. This will build trust and in turn make it easy for your potential clients to reach you. In fact by just a single click, you will be able to receive that all important contact from your potential client that gives you another sale.


  1. Give more detailed body content. In the words of Alan Refaeli the CEO of Allied Internet Inc. a more detailed content is the only way to get ahead in the game. This is because a detailed content will act as a source of information, help search engines to easily rank you, establish you as a pro in your field, and above all teach your potential clients more on what you offer. You are doing a great job for many and easing up the hassle.


  1. Include header tags to your main headings. This will work efficiently to signal the search engines on the type of information that your page contains.

A great website is vital if you must improve your online presence. Because of this anyone who intends to make a kill via the internet should have a website to start with.

League of Legends Guide: How To Get Out Of Bronze In 4 Easy Ways

27/12/2015 13:32

From Bronze your next stop will be Diamond in the unranked league of legends and this is what every LOL player craves for. But how do you get out of Bronze straight into Diamond? Here are 4 easy ways that you can perfect for the very best results.

Keep An Eye On The Pros

You must be thinking, “How does this help you to learn the champions’ mechanics?” Well it doesn’t but watching pro players in live streams will help you to grab a strategy or two from the meta game that could eventually enhance your game play. From map strategies, support tricks, to laning strategies, you will have an excellent learning tool for your use and an easy path into the much craved Diamond level. One thing that you must keep in mind however is, pro scenes will often differ from the one on lower levels and thus could force you to adjust your play to win.


No Shame – Ask For Help

Many games are often so proud to ask for help. In many occasions they will think that if they asked for help other games will call them names or mock them up. The truth is one of the easiest ways to rank in Diamond is by asking for help or advice from higher ranked players. They could be your pals or loved ones, people from your league account friend’s list, or pro players during their live streams. You can also find LOL community sites and joint into their discussions. Be ready however to embrace every criticism of your current playing style if you must learn.

Main A Strong Champion

Champions are the secrets to winning and getting into Diamond. And while you could struggle for a very long time to build your best champion, master their top mechanics and controls, or to understand their counters and how to beat them, once the job is done you will move closer to Diamond than ever before. In order to have a higher chance of success it will be vital to pick a very strong champion such as Leblanc. In addition to that you will need a combination of strategy, high level mastery, and mechanical skills.

Buy The Best LOL Account

If you are thinking of getting through into Diamond buying a league account will be the easiest path to take. A well tailored LOL account will come with enough IP to buy your favorite champs or it could come when already tied up with every one of these champions. It will also allow you to practice new strategies and champion’s mechanics without harming your rank. But the best thing about it will be this, league account is the easist way out of Elo Hell.

LOL accounts are very much affordable, tailored to your specifications, and will be sold to you when already at level 30. Meaning you can even jump right into the ranked play. So don’t hesitate to grab one for your use.

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