Smart Things Drone Pilots Must Know Before the Shoot

09/10/2016 13:13

Drone photography is getting embraced by day. From weddings, filming industries, down to agricultural projects the use of drone grows day by day. But while many of us are focusing on flying drones alone, there are a number of things many drone pilots need to know before they book for a shoot. Here are some of them.

Have they Practiced So Well?

In order to get the perfect shots you need to understand your drone. Get enough time to practice with your drone. Master the controls. Know how the GPS system works. Master the auto pilot if you have one. Know how long your battery lasts and also master how to take the best angle shots and how to focus your camera.

Will the Weather favor them?

A perfect weather means a perfect shot. Windy or rainy weather will give so much camera shake. This will lead to image distortions. Calm weather especially during sunset and sun rise are the perfect time. Choose a suitable weather that gives you the coolest shot without a sweat. Watch weather forecast to understand the type of weather to expect and prepare for it accordingly.

Is their Budget Really Enough?

Budgeting is one of the pre shoot out tips that’s very important. And in case you are involved in commercial film production this is extremely important. You must know how much you need to transport your crew to the shooting location, how many drones you need to cover runs that move at the same time, and above all how much you need to book your shooting location.

Have they Got a Massage Give?

The main reason people shoot films and photos with drones is to have a great final product that passes an awesome message to their audience. In commercial film production this is essentially important as you will be selling a product to your audience. Knowing the information you want to pass is important. It is the main guider to how you want to shoot and what you want to shoot.

Do they Know their Audience?

Because I have talked about the message let me talk about the audience too. Your message is defined by an audience and prepared for their consumption. Know your audience. Know where and how to find them. Know their age, locations, lifestyle, average income, and their taste and preferences.

Do they Know How to Edit?

Editing is simply a post shoot out skill. However you must have learnt it before the shoot if you want the best out of your film or photos. Editing allows you to tailor your final product in such a way that your audience would love it and could be willing to share in it.  Learn your editing skills from experts or by enrolling in certified institutions.

Without proper preparations you drone experience could easily turn into a disaster. Here is my advice for you. Take your time to learn every tip that you are going to use and above all understand your drone perfectly.