What Type of Roof Material is Best for You

02/05/2013 19:30

Everybody wants to have a house of their own. But building a house of your own is not an easy thing as it seems. You have to consider lot of things before you start building it such as flooring materials, structural design, roof styles and also roof materials. Choosing roof materials is always very important as the roof of your house is going to provide you the shelter you need. So, you should always choose it very carefully.

Now, you might be thinking that why you need to be so extra careful when catalogs are available in the shops. It’s because, choosing roof materials according to the design doesn’t always matters. You should know about the advantages and disadvantages before selecting one. So, today we will let you know about five best roof materials that would be best for you as well as for your house.

1. Asphalt Shingles:

This is the most common roof material that is used to make any house whether it is contemporary or historic. It is inexpensive than the other roof materials. It is also fire resistant and easy to repair. Besides these, it is also available in many shape and color. This is the main reason of its popularity. But the shortcoming of this material is that it has a very short life span usually of 15-30 years.

2. Wood Shingles:

This material is mostly used in building bungalows, cottages, and ranches. It has a very natural looking grey shade body which helps it to get blend with the environment. It is also fire resistant, easy to repair and most importantly it has a life span of 30-50 years which makes it quite inevitable.

3. Metal Materials:

Metal materials mainly refer to the steel, aluminum, tin etc. It is generally being used in building almost all types of buildings more or less. It is popular for its different shapes, many colors, light weight and durability. Besides these, it needs a very little maintenance. It can also be installed over your existing roof. The problem of this roof material is that it is expensive and a little bit difficult to install.

4. Tile Materials:

It is mostly made of concrete and clay. It is generally used in Mediterranean, French Eclectic, Italian and Spanish houses. But is also can be used on contemporary houses or ranches. It is attractive as well as available in many colors and styles. It is also fireproof like the other roof materials. It is easy to maintain and also very durable. The problems of this roof style are that it is heavy and costly.

5. Slate materials:

Mostly used on Colonial, French and Exotic houses. It is very much attractive for its distinctive appearance. It has longer life span and it is also fireproof. The problems of this roof materials are that it is costly, sophisticated and it requires heavy maintenance.

So, these are top 5 roof material that is best for you. Now you should choose your desired roof materials according to the benefits and problems. Most importantly, never forget to check the manufacturer warranty before buying. That’s all for now. Live Safe, Be Safe.