Saving My Family With The Ideal Security System

13/12/2014 17:00

You do not have to wait until your loved one’s lives are exposed to danger for you to take any security measure. Usually the more secure your loved ones are the better your output, and even how best you can have a great night’s sleep. Having grown into a family man I know how important security can get, and though I learnt it the hard way, sometimes I am glad I did.


When I got married to the woman of my dreams I thought that life from then was going to be an ideal rollercoaster but I was wrong. With time I was going to be tested beyond any reasonable measures. I remember one time when my daughter was four years old and was playing out in the lawn all by herself, cycling in high spirits, while my wife was in the kitchen and I was just catching up with the news when she vanished. I say vanished because her joyful giggles just went silent and when I stepped out she was already gone.



Her bicycle was lying in the lawn, so the first thing I guessed was that maybe she had hit the back door to the kitchen to grab a glass of water, or to her bedroom to play with her toys. Well I rushed to the kitchen only to catch my wife surprised by the same news, rushing up the stairs she was nowhere to be found. But this nightmare wasn’t just about to stop it was just the beginning of a long night.


The most painful thing was that while out daughter had disappeared, we had no way of even tracing her last steps simply because all this while we had always overlooked the need for an ideal home automation. If we had this in place we would have rushed in to the camera room, looked through the phone, or even maybe asked the automation company to run their last shots and get what really happened.


Luckily an opposite neighbor had an ideal home security in place. So when he came back home later in the evening and ran through her inbuilt camera, she saw exactly what had happened to our little girl and rushed in to inform us. Our girl had been kidnapped by someone we knew from the neighborhood, with the help of the police he was arrested and charged. And my daughter was saved.          


We later on automated our home security with ideal security system that included even fantastic alarm system. Today my family is safe and I can have a great time at work.