League of Legends Guide: How To Get Out Of Bronze In 4 Easy Ways

27/12/2015 13:32

From Bronze your next stop will be Diamond in the unranked league of legends and this is what every LOL player craves for. But how do you get out of Bronze straight into Diamond? Here are 4 easy ways that you can perfect for the very best results.

Keep An Eye On The Pros

You must be thinking, “How does this help you to learn the champions’ mechanics?” Well it doesn’t but watching pro players in live streams will help you to grab a strategy or two from the meta game that could eventually enhance your game play. From map strategies, support tricks, to laning strategies, you will have an excellent learning tool for your use and an easy path into the much craved Diamond level. One thing that you must keep in mind however is, pro scenes will often differ from the one on lower levels and thus could force you to adjust your play to win.


No Shame – Ask For Help

Many games are often so proud to ask for help. In many occasions they will think that if they asked for help other games will call them names or mock them up. The truth is one of the easiest ways to rank in Diamond is by asking for help or advice from higher ranked players. They could be your pals or loved ones, people from your league account friend’s list, or pro players during their live streams. You can also find LOL community sites and joint into their discussions. Be ready however to embrace every criticism of your current playing style if you must learn.

Main A Strong Champion

Champions are the secrets to winning and getting into Diamond. And while you could struggle for a very long time to build your best champion, master their top mechanics and controls, or to understand their counters and how to beat them, once the job is done you will move closer to Diamond than ever before. In order to have a higher chance of success it will be vital to pick a very strong champion such as Leblanc. In addition to that you will need a combination of strategy, high level mastery, and mechanical skills.

Buy The Best LOL Account

If you are thinking of getting through into Diamond buying a league account will be the easiest path to take. A well tailored LOL account will come with enough IP to buy your favorite champs or it could come when already tied up with every one of these champions. It will also allow you to practice new strategies and champion’s mechanics without harming your rank. But the best thing about it will be this, league account is the easist way out of Elo Hell.

LOL accounts are very much affordable, tailored to your specifications, and will be sold to you when already at level 30. Meaning you can even jump right into the ranked play. So don’t hesitate to grab one for your use.