A Playlist Is an Important Part for a Successful DJ

03/07/2013 11:23

A wedding is in a large part dependent on the music to be the joyous occasion we all want it to be. And that makes your wedding DJ a central and essential part of your wedding. Your wedding DJs playlist is very important for the overall success of your wedding and the general enjoyment of the wedding couple and guests. Here are some important tips for any DJ to ensure the success of the event.

Special Dances

There are some important phases within the wedding ceremony that require special attention. The special dances are a very important aspect to the success of your wedding and should never be left to chance. The wedding couple should make sure they sit down with the wedding DJ and ensure the DJ has a special playlist appropriate for each of the special dances. These include the first dance, the father-daughter dance, the mother-son dance, and any other special dances the couple want for their wedding.

Must Play List

The wedding couple has some favorite songs that hold special meaning for them. Maybe it is the song they first danced to on the day they met, the song that was playing when he made the proposal, or a song that reminds them of some other special moment in their life. It is very important for the wedding DJ to know the couple’s preferences. It is upon the DJ to make sure all these favorite must play songs are incorporated to the playlist in a smooth manner that will meld well with other songs and enhance the fun everyone has.

Do Not Play List

There is no worse gaffe a wedding DJ can make than playing a song that reminds everyone at the wedding about the bride’s or groom’s ex. It could ruin the whole mood of the event and the rest of the wedding. The wedding couple should get together with the DJ and compile a list of songs that should not feature anywhere on the wedding playlist. In fact, they should also make it clear to the wedding MC that he or she should not announce any special requests for those songs.

Older Generation List

Most wedding DJs are accustomed to playing for the young generation who attend the most parties and go clubbing. If not reminded, the DJ might forget to include songs that will touch the hearts of the older folk and entice them to get on the dance floor. It is absolutely important that a wedding DJ makes a playlist that takes care of every generation and their tastes. Music for the older folk should be played earlier in the ceremony as they are likely to retire earlier than the younger guests.