What to Consider Before Buying an Online Calling Card

05/05/2013 16:11

International phone cards allow you to make calls globally and also at low call rates. By using this international calling card, you can make calls to many countries at low prices. Also you can get rid of huge roaming charges charged by many telecom service providers when you use the international phone cards to make international calls. Now-a-days, it has become very easy to buy international phone cards online. You can buy these prepaid phone cards from the online phone card company’s website. Once you pay the price with your credit card, you will gradually receive the prepaid card. If you want to recharge your calling card, you can recharge it very easily from the same website of the service provider. But before buying these calling cards online you should consider few important factors.

1. Countries of origin and destination of the call

As we know that there are many online calling cards company, it is true that no single phone company can claim that they are the best company providing the best services. It completely depends on your usage that whether you call your provider the best or not. At first, before buying an international calling card you should consider the country of origin and the destination of the call. Normally, you want a card from which you can call up to many countries at a cheap rate. Country of origin denotes the country from which you are making a call. Sometimes, many phone companies do not allow calls to many countries. So, when you are ready to buy a calling card, just make a comparative search to see which companies are providing the best facility regarding the country of origin. And also look for the companies which provide cheap services to the countries you want to make calls.

2. Regular or pay phone

Now, we all know that online calling card companies provide cheap calling rates. But the calling rates differ based on your way of making calls. So, the second thing you should consider before buying an international calling card is the variability of rates in case of regular or pay phones. Always check if the company charges more when you are using pay phone to make calls and also if call rate varies when you are calling to pay phones or cell phones. To get the best from your calling card you should always get to know about these issues.

3. Calling frequency

The online calling cards include many hidden charges per call apart from the call rate. Every time you make connection to a phone, they charge you with the connection fees. Also, they often charge maintenance fees to maintain the quality of the network as long you talk over the phone. Some companies also follow the seconds billing method while other companies follow minute rounding method to count the total call cost. You also need to be careful about the expiration date of the credit cards as you have to use it before expiration. All these factors you have to consider incur cost based on your call frequency. You should look for companies with a low connection fee if you make too many short calls. If you make a few long calls, you should choose companies offering low maintenance charges and communication fee. If you use your international calling card frequently, you shouldn’t have to worry about the expiration date, otherwise you should be careful about it.

The ultimate aim to use an international calling card is to save money. You can find many sites on the web that provide a comparison between various telecom companies. It would be better for you, if you go through those before buying one from online you can choose easily what calling card you should buy very easily. Also you should choose company that provides quality service.