Types of Central Heating Systems

26/12/2013 15:25

The central heating is a must-have thing in your home. These systems are common in many homes in modern day living. Not only providing us luxury and comfort, they protect us from extreme cold conditions during the winter. In the past, there were old methods used in warming homes but the latest technology has had a positive impact in providing warmth to the interior of the entire building. Your home may have one of the different types of central heating systems. They range from piping hot water through your floor to blowing hot air through ductwork. Let’s have quick overview of some of different types of central heating systems available in the market and how they work

image source: Home Heating Systems and Solutions

Forced Air heating system

Forced air is the most popular type because they are easy to install without the help of a professional and they effectively heat and cool the entire house. They use a combination of gas and electricity and they are more energy efficient due to the thermostatic controls.

Radiant Heat systems

Radiant heat system is known to provide the most comfortable heat in a home using electric heating coils under your home’s floor. They directly warm your feet and deliver heat to your body.

Hydronic heating system

Similar to radiant heat, it uses hot water to heat a space by radiation. It uses the same principle of a refrigerator, where the water is heated with a boiler and a pump circulates it in plastic pipes that are installed in the slabs of concrete all through the building. The pipes are a closed loop system where the same fluid is reheated again providing heat exchange in the building through the radiators and using dedicated wall panels that transmit heat to the surrounding environment. It is in fashion in the European countries.


Boilers are the most common central heating system around the word because they instantly heat waters and they do not require a storage tank. They are able to heat the only required water to save energy and space and they are very economical.

Electric resistance heating

The electric resistance heating has a unit that produces warmth while plugged in the electric supply. This is then supplied to your home’s ventilation system to provide warmth to other rooms attached to it.

Active Solar Heating

Active solar heating captures solar energy using specialized glass panels and transfer it to a system that is used to warm air and distributes it through the ventilation system using fans.

Gravity Fed Central Heating System

This is a central heating system whereby a boiler is used to warm water stored in a tank and supplied through radiators for the purpose of central warming.

All types of central heating systems differ from other local heating systems because the heating generation takes place at a centralized location in a house and transferred to the other rooms. You should do your homework to have a choice on the types of central heating systems that suits your home, the approximate cost of central heating systems that suits your budget and the cost of installing. Before buying one, you must also know if your home can accommodate it and the one that can save you more money over time.

It is important to consider the best central heating systems to avoid suffering through miserable winter seasons. To use these central heating systems continuously, you require AC Repaid Tampa to provide proper maintenance to ensure that your central heating system is working well. Make sure you have the best specialist to ensure that your system is installed correctly and it works correctly to avoid any problems.