Get Your Loved One To Play Video Games With You

23/06/2015 18:40

Ever thought of how to get that noisy brother of yours to shut up for a moment? Well I have the perfect solution for you something better and more adventurous you will love it! Get them down to play video games.


And while video games are not meant for troublemakers, sometime they can form a great route to staying out of trouble.


That very first game console that my elder brother got me did well in keeping me out of trouble up until I lived through my adolescent. Today I am 27 and still love video games to death.


And while video games might help your loved ones too, the only challenge would be getting them to play in the first place. But I got you covered, here are the tricks.


Persuade Them To Play


Well my pal Joe calls this a complete sell out. But trust me it works like a charm. And how will you do this?

  • Present it to them as a quality way to spend their time. Make them understand that it will keep them out of trouble.
  • Better still bring it on as a challenge, an ideal activity with a great reward at the end of it all for anyone that wins.
  • Find out if they ever played a game of their choice and jump in to sway them in to trying the most recent hottest titles.
  • And if you are pushed to the ropes, offer them a trade in exchange for a single game. Something they would like, say a ticket to the next cricket match.

Play A Game Together


Another cool option to look into is going head to head in a game. However in doing this you will take your time to consider the following.


Go for a game that they might like. And the titles are endless, in 2015 alone these are some of the five start raters, Bloodborne, Battlefield Hardline, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Batman: Arkham Knight, Evolve, and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End  among others so pick their choice.


While at it, get them into the game. Don’t be too rigid with them, don’t be the tough big bro, instead loosen up a bit, crack jokes, laugh, and shout. In short just have fun.


But even if you whoop them a couple of times, which is bound to happen, remain supportive and make them understand that they will catch up.


Buy Them Video Game Gifts


And if you thought it was all over for you, that the first two won’t work, think again. How about this last one? Buying them exceptional video game gift such as WiiU Pad, Xbox One, PC, or PS4?


Many video game developers today like Nintendo, Ubisoft, From Software, or Hello Games understand the need to play their games with the best gadgets such as these for an exceptional thrill. So gift your loved one with the best to reignite their gaming passion.


Get Them The Ultimate Gift! Never go without getting them a LOL Account – this is the ultimate gift. A must have for them if you need them to keep playing. They come in various categories and will allow them to incorporate their pals into the game too in fact a lol account price is so much affordable it will blow your breath away.