Cloud Computing Solutions

29/01/2014 15:39

Now, have you been wondering what cloud computing is? If you’ve been speculating on how to move to the cloud, this article will have a meaning to you. Internet software has gained great momentum in the past ten years. It also promises new ways to work every time and everywhere. It provides IT solutions your business requires such as software, hardware, data security, networking, email, storage services and servers. Your business will operate on less energy, reduced capital as well as other solutions that have huge impact on management of the business. The following is a full range of cloud computing models you can use.

Hybrid Cloud

As the name suggests Hybrid involves a combination of two or more clouds. It is a computing environment which integrates both in-house networks and public networks. It is usually used when companies want to grow without committing huge capital in the process. It’s either formed when a business with a private cloud collaborates with a public cloud provider or when a public cloud provider collaborates with a business that already runs a private cloud platform. Its major advantage is; it offers a great data control and allows a business to maintain a centralized government of IT resources while taking advantage of cloud computing services where needed.

You can make the use of hybrid cloud when you want to achieve many business goals because it provides a way of experiencing the benefits of public cloud computing without completely abandoning any private network benefit or completely shutting down its in-house network.

Community Cloud

Community cloud is a cloud computing option designed to serve a specific community. It is a joint effort when many organizations with similar needs share a particular infrastructure. Various public cloud networks come together to host a network to enable them to share common concerns, updates and security. It is a mini public cloud when selected group of organizations are authorized to use the cloud. It is the best option for a group of organizations desiring to share resources and aim for more control over security and insight into the cloud itself.

The major advantage with this cloud computing model is that it can be very useful after a major disaster when a company has lost services. For example if a car manufacturing company loses its services, the same services may be available from other sources within the cloud. The community can set its costs and prices and the services can run freely as a co-operative.

Private Cloud

A private cloud is designed to serve a small singular organization. The service may be managed internally by a service provider or by any other external existing provider. It is also known as corporate because it involves specific number of people behind a firewall. This is the best option for individual companies who want to exercise significant level of control over their sensitive data. It offers great deal of security to the data while still allowing for sharing. Its major advantage is that performance can be guaranteed and no infrastructure is shared. The organization carries out full control of allocated resources, allowing better data control and competition for resources on the underlying platform.

Public Cloud

A public cloud computing is owned by an organization that sells cloud services to the general public. It is affordable and the quickest way to set up within an organization as well as offering great ability to share information. They users only pay for the resources they use but all other provisions accommodated by the provider. If you seek to get free server provision, this type of cloud computing solution is the best because you will enjoy the server provisioning without investing money and time in purchasing, maintaining and managing it. However, it has a limited amount of transparency.

If you need high-grade technology but cannot invest in its infrastructure, cloud computing solution is the best for you. IT Support Companies in Miami offers affordable cloud services you can access anywhere and anytime. You can access and enjoy familiar applications online according to your needs and budget. By adopting their cloud computing solutions, you will have freedom in concentrating on your business and the IT professionals will take care of everything. You will no longer have your massive IT teams working all day and night configuring your software, hardware and servers for your business to continue running.

Before adopting a cloud computing service, you should ensure you have all the information. It is important to find out more about deployment models, platforms and the benefits you can avail to leverage any investment you make in this technology. Cloud computing solutions have now become one of the best affordable IT services.